Protein Puffycakes of Joy (sorta paleo)

Time to clear up any questions on these bad boys. I first discovered this recipe through instagram, when another user posted a picture of a little cake and explained how she made it by blending and microwaving an egg, banana, and some cocoa powder. Shocked by how easy it seemed, I gave it a shot and was STUNNED by the results. It made a sort of souffle, and took about 30 seconds to prep.

Interested in improving the recipe in terms of macronutrients, I started experimenting with adding whey (hence the “sorta paleo” nature of this). I found that the best results came from the following ‘base’:

  • Two eggs
  • One medium sized banana
  • One scoop whey (equivalent to 25g protein)

To achieve the best consistency and minimize the amount of whey that sticks to the sides of the blender, I recommend puréeing the eggs and banana first. Then you can drop the scoop of whey right into the center of the mixture and thoroughly mix it in.

Congrats, you’ve finished the prep! All that’s left is to microwave the mixture for 3 minutes on high. I’ve used mugs, bowls, and plates… Although it really doesn’t matter much, the mug is probably the best place to start (for some reason, the edge doesn’t cook through when using a plate). Just make sure the container is large enough to allow the contents to expand to about double the liquid volume.

And that’s it! At least for the basic version. It’s up to you to get creative. Before I attach some pictures of variations I’ve created, here’s a quick summary of why I’m so excited about this food:

  • Versatility - There are an endless number of whey flavors, as well as things that may be used as part of the mix or just as a topping. WIth a little imagination, you’ll never get tired of these.
  • Taste - It’s fucking good.
  • Cost - Eggs: $0.50 + Banana: $0.20 + Whey: $0.65 = $1.35
  • Nutrient content - Calories: 375, Carbs: 33g, Fat: 12g, Protein: 37g
  • Prep time - 30 seconds to prep, 3 minutes to cook

These are perfect for post-workout (carb:protein ratio is ideal) or as a healthy dessert, but really you could eat this anytime. I’ll have it for breakfast on days that I’m too lazy to make eggs and bacon.

Anyways, here’s a breakdown of variations I’ve enjoyed, based on a recent pic. I’ll only provide details on the actual modifications, as the base is the same recipe as I posted above (2 eggs, banana, whey):

dat cake

Top-left: Vanilla whey, cocoa powder, and raspberries blended in. Dallop of SunButter in center, creating molton core of awesomeness. Frosting is coconut cream concentrate mixed with maple walnut peanut butter and a dash of pure vanilla extract.

Top-right: Vanilla whey, half an apple, and cinnamon blended in. Topped with homemade apple sauce (made in my crock pot).

Bottom-left: Mocha cappuccino whey. Handful of raspberries dropped in center to form another core sorta thing. Plated on top of a thin layer of coconut milk to increase moisture.

Bottom-right: Vanilla whey. Raspberries and 80% dark chocolate used to form core. Again served with coconut milk.

*Note on ‘cores’: I mean that I’m blending the mixtures, then placing a few extra things right in the center of the liquid before placing it in the microwave. The consistency of the mix allows stuff to stay pretty well suspended in a vertical column.

Enjoy! Looking forward to see what others come up with.


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